Please note:
1. Each candle  is hand made in small batch, so it comes with slight imperfections in each batch. Making each candle unique to you.
2. Whether you worship your candle please, put it on a small dish or tray to ensure it doesn't spill over.
3. These candles are for novelty and home decor use mostly.

Too nice to burn! If lit please put on a flat fire proof surface underneath.
4. Please allow for some difference in color, minor imperfections and frosting.
5. Frosting is a natural occurrence with quality soy wax candles and does not affect the performance of the candle.  If this does happen and you would prefer the candle without, gently wipe or buff your candle with a soft cloth. We like the frosted look but it's super easy to remove.
6.The candles are handmade with a lot of love and care
soy wax + mineral wax for better shape + organic cotton wick
Hand poured eco  wax  unique shaped candle

7. Candle Safety:
    7.1 Never leave your burning candle unattended
    7.2 Never go to sleep while your candle is still burning
    7.3 Don't position candle near anything electrical or with a heat source
    7.4 Keep your candle away from pets and children
8 . Proper storage will keep your candle burning bright. Soy wax candles are very sensitive to heat and light. Store your candle in a cool, dark area. Avoid overly warm storage options, like over the stove or near a heat source. Always store candles upright.
9. Trim your candle wick each and every time before you light it. It is important to trim the black ball or blacked end after use. Trim at least ¼ of wick ends. Trimming will ensure that the candle does not burn hotter than it should and also prolong the life of the candle. Do not trim the wick too short or it may not relight.
10. Although we typically do not accept exchanges or refunds, we will consider doing so on an individual basis. Customized orders cannot be exchanged or refunded. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so please contact us and we will do our best to make sure you’re satisfied. Please understand that each candle was made individual of one another with passion and love.
11. We can also make custom orders based on your preferences. Please get in touch if you’d like to create your own designed candle. Some of our candles have color imperfections, but that's because we like them looking like stone sculptures

All materials  produced in USA to standards.
Formulated from materials whose refining history is fully traceable.
Contains no substances that come into contact with animals or GMO products at any stage of its production.