Bearly Awake candle

Bearly Awake candle

Do you know how candles are made? You may think it’s an easy process to make candles, but candles are a surprisingly a complex formation of hundred of types of wax, wicks, essential oils, etc. But today we will discover our unique hand-mixed, hand-poured candle that will help you decorate well on your party festive sparklers.

Why buy Bearly Awake candle?

It dates back to the 18th century when regular bear-shaped candles were introduced. They were a type of ornament that was initially designed as a decoration for Christmas trees in Germany, where they were originally produced. However, we turned our wheels here and produced the Lazy Bear Wax Statue that captures a moment of gentle relaxation. We make them from biodegradable and vegan soy wax minerals, hand-mixed and hand-poured candles. We make them traditionally and allow them to cool after being poured. In order to achieve the desired thickness of the candles, we repeated these steps until the candle reached the desired thickness.

Because of their symbolic value, bear-shaped candles are a common option for Christmas decorations. These adorable candles are splendid gifts for someone who resonates with our lazy bear. You can place them in your cabin, patio garden, or any outdoor living space. This classic statue reminds us never to take nature for granted as we gaze at these majestic animals doing their own thing in peace and harmony with nature.

Don’t you think these Bearly Awake candles are cute? Bring wilderness and cuteness all at the same time to your home with this of kind candle. Just Bear with us (pun intended) ...we got more coming!

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