Refresh your Self Care Rituals with Nike Air Max 90 Candle

Refresh your Self Care Rituals with Nike Air Max 90 Candle

Valentine's Day is almost here, and with all the festive mood you're looking forward to a fresh, empowering start to LOVE YOURSELF . To back you up, we compiled simple yet empowering hacks for you!

Make your Candle a timer 

If you are unable to concentrate on something, give yourself a timeframe to work on it. But do it differently, instead of using the timer, create an ambiance with a relaxing environment by lighting the Nike Air Max 90 Candle. The approximate burn time for a medium size candle is about 5 hours. 

End your day with gratitude

Every night light a candle for about 7 minutes where you train your brain to focus on the positives and manifest intentional change. The candle illuminates your room, calming you down with gratitude at the end of the day.


Refresh self-care ritual

Self-care rituals are the things you do regularly on a consistent basis. They can bring you closer to your vision. And to do that you don't need fancy items or have to do anything different. We suggest to lit one of the Nike Air Max 90 Candle while you do your yoga mat, journaling, or painting. Nike Air Max 90 Candles feature realistic details that mimic the real sneaker to perfection, this candle design celebrates your style!


We wish you the best start this  Feb 14. We look forward to hearing about your experience in the comments. You can also share your experiences with us on Instagram


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