The Lovers Candle FEMALE + FEMALE

The Lovers Candle FEMALE + FEMALE

Is it just us, or do you believe the flame of a candle emanates subtle light that creates a magical, relaxed atmosphere allowing you to move in place and travel through time? Candles help us create mood, which is the main reason to light them in the comfort of our homes after a rough day. The gleaming light spreads a positive effect on our well-being, relaxing and reviving our bodies. 

A well-maintained, naturally fragrant home is an oasis of peace and recreation that eliminates the hardships of mundane life resulting in a place where we can relax and re-energize. That's where our lover candle comes to the rescue.

Product Dimensions

Height: 3.5 in / 9 cm

Length: 3 in / 7.5 cm

Weight: 7.3 oz / 206 g

Approximate burn time: 5 h

It is rightly said that candles have a certain magical power, difficult to name professionally. This 3.5 inches tall, handmade lover's candle represents two female bodies together in harmony. It is a symbol of a sweet same-sex relationship that is globally accepted and loved. 

Some love them for the sleek bodies, some for the fragrance, and some for the dual wicks. However, one thing is certain, lovers' candles evoke many emotions and creates new memories.

Ready to buy these unique candles? Order our lover's candle this valentines day and gift it to your partner. Here's the link to order them directly The Lovers Candle FEMALE + FEMALE – Sculpture Stuff. Do not forget to follow us on ➡️⬅️ ( | TikTok
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