The Lovers candle ( M+ F )

The Lovers candle ( M+ F )

One trending home inspiration that we can't get enough of is fun and uniquely shaped lover's candles! These will perfectly brighten up your space and that too without even lighting it. Whether you place it in your bedroom next to your favorite vase or make it the centerpiece of your dining room table, everyone will love it. We bet there's no wrong way to decorate these lovers' candles! 

Product dimensions

Height: 3.5 in / 9 cm

Length: 3 in / 7.5 cm

Weight: 7.3 oz / 206 g

Approximate burn time: 6 h

A 9 cm tall dual wick candle that presents a man & woman face to face is a sensual yet soft piece that makes a great gift for anniversaries, engagements, and valentine’s day. Lover's candles are used to enhance the romantic and sexual aspects of your relationship. The beautiful features intricate body details of her and his body, full bust and not to forget the perfect curve lines that spice up your decor. Since these are hand-poured and handmade, a lot of effort is coursed into creating these fixtures to look smooth, and sleek. 

Feeling loved? Order our lover's candle this valentine’s day and gift it to your partner. Here's the link to order them directly The Lovers candle ( M+ F ) – Sculpture Stuff.

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