Candles are not what they originally used to be! The classic jar eventually replaced White tall standing stick candles our parents had at home. However, things have changed as candles have been ever more artistic than ever! And trendy female body candles are definitely here to stay. 

Wondering what’s so stunning about these wax statues? The beautiful features, the intricate body details of her, a full bust, and not to forget the perfect curve lines - need to say more? Combine all these features with a smooth, sleek finish and that’s just what we call a standout beauty. Body-positive candles will spice up your home decor for sure. 

We believe in celebrating love and intimacy and we showcase it through sensual yet soft pieces that make a magnificent gift for anniversaries, engagements, valentine’s day, or just because! With a wide range of women’s bodies, including the bisexual pride candle, we celebrate free love with its combination of fun and impressive design!

Our Female Bodies collection is created to celebrate body positivity and encourage self-love. These unscented female body candles are inspired to honor the Goddess within you.

We invite you to see these shimmering pillars of bodies that are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Made from biodegradable and vegan soy wax, mineral oil, and organic candle dye, we use pure cotton or hemp wick for easier lighting and relighting. These are hand-mixed and hand-poured, perfectly curated for your taste. 

No matter your size, shape, color, culture, or preferences, never forget to celebrate body positivity and encourage self-love. It’s time to shine! Shop the Female Bodies collection here.
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