Let's make Nike Air Force 1 candle together

Let's make Nike Air Force 1 candle together

If you’re into home design, we bet candles are your best friend. A candle’s flame brings warmth and radiates your space. As the warm light glows, your home is filled with a beautiful calming vibe that melts the cares of the world away.

Let us show you how we hand-make our Nike Air Force 1 Candle. The results are not just stunning, but they're also useful and make fabulous gifts.

Here's how we make our signature candle:

Step 1: Measure the wax

We make sure to have a clean, flat surface to work on. We use soy wax because we are concerned about keeping the air in your home as clean as possible. Measure the wax, usually double the mold

Step 2: Melt the wax

Then we add the wax into your double boiler and let it melt, stirring frequently.

Step 3: Add mineral oils

Once melted, we add non-fragrant oils.

Step 4: Attach the wick

Then we attach the wick to the bottom of the mold before pouring in the wax.

Step 5: Pour the wax

Using a thermometer, we check if the melted wax is 140 degrees, then proceed to pour into the mold.

Step 6: Secure the wick

To prevent your wick from swaying, we sandwich the wick with help of wooden skewers or chopsticks so that it stays centered while the wax hardens. We allow the wax to set overnight at room temperature.

Step 7: Cut the wick.

The last step is to cut the excess wick as it should be less than half an inch long. 

And that is how we handcraft our Nike Air Force 1  candles! Next time you need an easy and thoughtful gift, just place an order with us.

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