The Most Realistic Realistic Fruit Candles

The Most Realistic Realistic Fruit Candles
Fake fruits have been the decor pieces in many households. Do you have a fruit basket with fake fruits in your kitchen? Imagine a fake fruit basket with Orange, lemon, lime, and corn- they look real. And if you put stickers from the real fruit on the faked ones, it will throw you even further.
Hilarious, isn’t it?

Let us introduce you to our exquisite fruit basket. However, the only difference is these scrumptious-looking fake fruits are completely made of biodegradable and vegan soy wax. We pride ourselves on the level of detail and care we put into our candles, including:

Realistic Lemon Shaped Candle

You may have heard when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. However, according to us, if life gives you a lemon, light it. Life is better with Lemons and even better with our Lemon candles! Find the most detailed candle in our Realistic Fruit candles collection and get it today for a quirky décor.

Happy Orange candle

Orange is the bright and happiest color that brings happiness to your home. They are realistic orange-shaped and feature a bright, juicy-looking exterior. It looks like they were just plucked from the garden. Don’t forget to add them to your fruit bowl for a perfect accent.

Lime Candle

This unique candle has a thick green skin and makes for desirable decoration at the center of the table for a quirky and admirable design. You can trick your family by displaying them amongst the actual fruit and see if anyone notices. Fun, isn’t it?

Even though you know this bowl of fake fruit isn’t edible, the illusion will make you forget the fact. 
Did you get your fruits already? Find our Realistic Fruit candles for a summery feeling all year round. It will remind you that the warm weather is not far away.

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