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Artistic and sexy!  This feminine home decor piece statement is the perfect way to show off your stunning floral arrangements. This unique concrete candle butt holder is made by hand. 

This candle holder symbolizes the power of life that lies within a woman's body.
A random color taper candle holder does come with the candle. A taper candle might be purchased anywhere.

Do you usually have guests over for lunch or dinner? Even though we prepare delicious meals, we love spreading a beautiful table with food and candles around. Well, who doesn’t love candles?

The shiny, glimmering light of the candles gives an aesthetic look to the table. And with the candle, comes the candle holders that help the wax stay in and not spread everywhere, unless in the holder. 

Candles can be quite risky if not handled safely. Moreover, it can create a mess if placed without a holder or a base. And that’s where our trendy candle holders come in. There are many noteworthy candle holders we make; however, Booty Candle Holder cannot be ignored.  

So, let us present our candle holders. They are not only great for dining tables but best as a centerpiece or popping on the side of the showcase. We have a brilliant collection that creates a special focal point for a single candle.

Our booty candle holder is artistic and sexy. Since we make it of cement, it is solid and sturdy. You can use our artistic touch and paint it the way you like with acrylics! 

So, if you feel your home is missing a trendy touch, don’t add more cushions or furniture. Buy our Booty Candle Holder to add the perfect touch! You can add one of these handmade beautifully crafted pieces to any room for an instant elegant accent that’s sure to please you and everyone. Make a not-so-subtle statement with our Booty Candle Holder.

Made of cement
Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Solid and sturdy

Height: 4 in / 10 cm
Length: 5 in / 12 cm
Width: 5.5 in / 14 cm