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GRL PWR candle / Soy wax / Empowerment Candle/ Feminist Flame/Strength Source/Bold Blaze/Fearless Fire/EmpowerHer Candle/Courageous Glow/Women's Wisdom Wick/Sisterhood Spark

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Feel your power, embrace your #GRLPWR! Use our candle as your daily reminder of your inner strength or light it up and feel empowered to do anything and everything you set your mind to, that is your #GRLPWR!

Purchase alone or mix and match with our other amazing word candles to create your perfect inspiration daily display!

Hand-mixed and hand-poured.

Pure cotton wicks for easier lighting and relighting
Made from biodegradable and vegan soy wax, mineral oil, and organic candle dye* (*non-white candles only).

Available in 6 different colors!.

Approximate burn time up to 4 hours.

Height : 5.5 in / 13.5 cm
Length: 1.6 in / 4.5 cm
Weight: 3.35 oz/ 95 g
Approximate burn time: up to 4 h