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Bearly Awake Sculpted Soy Wax Candle / Handcrafted Teddy Bear Candle / Sleepy Bear Decor / Unique Animal Shape / Relaxation Gift / Cozy Home Aesthetics / Cute Bear Figurine / Artisanal Home Décor

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Introducing our adorable Bearly Awake candle – a perfect blend of wilderness and cuteness for your home! This unique Lazy Bear Wax Statue captures a moment of gentle relaxation, making it an ideal gift for home, cabin, patio garden, or any outdoor space.

Ever wondered how candles are made? Our hand-mixed, hand-poured candle is a special creation, carefully crafted with biodegradable and vegan soy wax minerals. Perfect for decorating your party with festive sparklers!

These cute bear-shaped candles carry symbolic value, making them wonderful gifts for those who appreciate the charm of our lazy bear. Place them in your cabin, patio garden, or any outdoor space to add a touch of nature's harmony to your surroundings.

Don't miss out on the cuteness of our Bearly Awake candles! Bring the charm of the wilderness into your home and stay tuned for more delightful creations – just Bear with us (pun intended)!

Hand-mixed and hand-poured

Pure cotton wicks for easier lighting and relighting

Made from biodegradable and vegan soy wax, mineral oil and organic candle dye* (*non-white candles only)

Available in 3 different colors!

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Approximate burn time up to 10 hours

Height: 3.5 in / 9 cm
Length: 7 in / 17 cm
Weight: 9.05 oz / 260 g
Approximate burn time: up to 10 h