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Happy Orange candle set of 6, Citrus Decor, Handcrafted Accent, Unique Design, Artisan Craftsmanship, Novelty Decor, Whimsical Gift, Creative Centerpiece, Fruit-Inspired Candle, Collectible Art Piece

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The more the merrier! Complete your aesthetic fruit bowl with our Happy Orange candle set. This set features 8 Happy Orange candles cautiously crafted to be as realistic as possible. These eye-catching candles are the lovely accent your kitchen is missing!

Perfect for your summer home décor, holiday gatherings, and gifts!


Great attention to detail
Hand-mixed and hand-poured
Pure cotton wicks for easier lighting and relighting
Made from biodegradable and vegan soy wax, mineral oil, and organic candle dye
Approximate burn time up to 4 hours

Height: 3 in / 7 cm
Length: 3 in / 7 cm
Weight: 3.95 oz/ 110 g
Approximate burn time: up to 5 h