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The Shy Man Flexing Muscle Men candle features a built male torso created with great precision and attention to detail. This gorgeous male candle will add spice and sophistication to your favorite room!

Use as an event décor, gift, or collection piece!


Great attention to detail
Hand-mixed and hand-poured
Pure cotton wicks for easier lighting and relighting
Made from biodegradable and vegan soy wax, mineral oil, and organic candle dye* (*non-white candles only)
Available in various colors
Approximate burn time up to 5 hours

Height: 4 in / 10cm
Length: 3 in / 7 cm
Weight: 3.85 oz / 110 g
Approximate burn time: up to 5 h

WARNING: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not leave burning candles near any flammable materials. Refer to our candle safety page for additional guidance.