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Snake Tealight Holder

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The Concrete  Snake Tea Light Holder is a fun way to adorn and light your table, desk, or favorite nook.
Make it a project! The sculpture is cement-colored grey, get your artistic hat on and paint it the way you like with acrylics! 
 This candle holder features artisan style craftsmanship, rich finishes that will instantly add interest to any room. It is the perfect size to add to coffee table decor, put a small tealight in it and it glows nicely. It’s such a sweet home decorative idea.

Anniversary nights will always have candles on the table. To make it more. Funky. You can add a concrete snake tea light holder that features artisan-style craftsmanship, and rich finishes that will instantly add interest to your decor. Moreover, it is a perfect size to add to your coffee table. So, when in doubt, add a small tea light and let it glow nicely. It will surely enhance your home decor. 


Made of cement
Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Solid and sturdy

Height: 1.6 in / 4 cm
Length: 3.1 in / 8 cm
Weight: 8.4 oz / 240 g