SALE. Wild discounts..

SALE. Wild discounts..

Isn’t it expensive to decorate your home? A couple of furniture pieces, rugs, plants, and throw pillows could total up to more than a month’s rent. But why drain your bank balance and go into debt adorning your home?

Even though you get discounts from wholesale houses or big-box retailers, you still end up draining your bank balance. No doubt, these things make your home pretty, but other options could compensate too. How- you ask?

Top 3 discounted Home Decor Products

Here are our top 3 wild discounted home decor products that are on sale to help you save money as you outfit your place.


Middle Finger Candle FLIP OFF sign wax art

You don’t have to express your emotion with words, just a gesture expresses it all! Whether you give a F*** or don’t, this candle is the rebellious edge your space needs! This not only outfits your decor but is the most tasteful way to say “fuck you” without saying a single word! Gift yourself this to showcase “F* you” with elegance and class.


Booty Candle Holder

When you get a Booty Candle Holder, you don’t need to fill your house with furniture and flowers. Just add this booty holder to add the perfect touch! Add one of these beautifully crafted pieces to any room for an instant elegant accent that’s sure to please.


It’s a Goddess Party candle set / Venus Candles (set of free candles)

Featuring 3 of our top-selling Venus Pillar candles to honor the Goddess in you with our It’s a Goddess Party candle set! This set is absolutely stunning and made with fine details. This is a set you don’t want to be without!

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